Model 105

Model 105

The Model 105 is a so-called cupboard door that cannot be tampered with. The cabinet hatch has revolving doors and can be installed at indoor and outdoor counters. This locker door is ideal for use in banks, supermarkets and other facilities where large amounts of money or valuables are transferred in 'containers'. The locker hatch complies with firearms protection class FB4 (with certificate).

Product Information

Security and Features

  • Closet hatch with alternating opening doors for mounting in a counter.
  • Doors are automatically activated via the control panel. The security system ensures that only one door can be opened at a time. The doors are mechanically locked and cannot be manipulated.
  • The doors can be hinged in pairs, each with an opening angle of 90°
  • The materials used provide firearms protection. In this case, the cabinet can withstand heavy small arms. The cabinet door has received FB4 certification from the Firearms Licensing Authority.
  • Model 105 complies with German UVV regulations.

Materials and Use

  • The cabinet hatch is made of sheet steel and the inner walls are reinforced with stainless steel.
  • The door bearing and lock are very robust.
  • All metal parts are manufactured using state of the art precision laser cutting technology for ultimate quality.
  • The cupboard door does not require maintenance. No need for cleaning or lubrication.

Installation and dimensions

Model 105 comes complete with power cables and is ready for installation in an existing counter. It can be mounted under a counter or window element (e.g. Model 7020). There must be a 230V socket at the counter inside. Access requirements and the potential need to be able to remove the unit in the unlikely event of repairs should be considered.


  • Also available as Model 106, which is installed flush with the floor.
  • Mones trolleys can be pushed in without hindrance.
  • Special sizes available on request.

Download the PDF with construction drawings