Model 11

Model 11

Model 11 is a flat receiving and payment platform, ready for installation. This drawer is ideal for indoor use and as a drawer intended for delivering and receiving receipts and small loose change.

Product Information

Security and Features

  • Ready-to-use tray for handing over flat items such as files up to a maximum size of DIN A4, receipts, documents, passports and rolls of coins up to 30mm high.
  • Easy to use edges for taking out coins.
  • Model 11 complies with German UVV regulations.

Materials and Use

  • The flat drawer consists of a black 'cover layer'.
  • Exterior made of 2 mm brushed stainless steel.
  • All metal parts are manufactured using state-of-the-art precision laser cutting technology for the ultimate in quality.
  • Model 11 is best suited for internal use.
  • No maintenance required. No need for cleaning or lubrication.

Installation and dimensions

The Model 11 'receipt and payment drawer' is supplied in such a way that it can be installed directly from above in the pre-prepared counter. The drawer is mounted by inserting it into the opening from above. . Keep in mind access requirements and the potential need to later remove the unit in the event of repairs.


  • Model 11 is designed to work with Model 15.

Download the PDF with construction drawings