Model 53.01

Model 53.01

Model 53.01 is a ready-to-install pass-through tray that includes an integrated two-way intercom system. The device is widely used for physical access monitoring in indoor and outdoor covered areas, such as parking garages, government buildings, and corporate gates. The M3/FB4 firearms certification is standard. Fire protection for F90 available on request.

Product Information

Security and Features

  • Pass-through drawer for pedestrians, for flush mounting in exterior facade, front panel and integrated intercom for automatic two-way conversation.
  • Manually operated drawer.
  • Automatically locks in both end positions. Lock can only be released by the operator behind the counter using the lever.
  • It is not possible to reach through the hole when the device is sliding. It is also not possible to manipulate the mechanism.
  • For handing over cards, files, etc. up to DIN A4 format.
  • Dust and draft sealed.
  • Provides firearms protection. The unit can withstand heavy small arms, for example a Magnum .44. Has received M3/FB4 certification from the Firearms Licensing Authority.
  • Model 53.01 complies with German UVV regulations.

Materials and Use

  • Steel plate transit.
  • Plate and tray made of 1 mm thick brushed stainless steel, housing, cover and lid 2 mm.
  • All metal parts are manufactured using state-of-the-art precision laser cutting technology for the ultimate in quality.
  • Model 53.01 is suitable for outdoor use in covered areas
  • No maintenance required. No need for cleaning or lubrication.

Installation and dimensions

The unit is ready to be mounted in prepared walls / recesses. The drawer is mounted from the outside by inserting into the recess from above. It is then screwed firmly on the inside. Keep in mind access requirements and the potential need to later remove the unit in the event of repairs. The unit is very compact and suitable for use in areas with limited space.


  • Model 53 is also available without two-way intercom and, if desired, with or without front panel.
  • Available up to F90 fire protection.
  • Also available in firearms protection class FB6 (as Model 63 K) on request.
  • Available with rain cover.
  • Special sizes available on request.
  • Coatings available in RAL colors on request.

Download the PDF with construction drawings